Little Avondale Stud

Here at Little Avondale Stud we use Horserail on all our yearling and stallion paddocks. Right from the start, putting up Horserail was straightforward and quick.

Even after the many years we've had Horserail, the fences still look fantastic with very little repair required. Maintenance is almost non-existent - now that's attractive! 

For us though the No.1 reason for using Horserail is safety. You just don't get the injuries caused by wire and wood, it's as simple as that.

We've also used magnum┬« to supply stable boxes for our yearling and stallion barns, along with two mare and foal crushes, built to our own specifications.  We've been so impressed with both the Magnaclad and the feed and water bins that we won't be going anywhere else.

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