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Horse Walker

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  • Size and Model Options:
  • The Deluxe Horse Walker includes a roof.
  • The Premium Horse Walker does not include a roof.
  • 12 mtr - 6 horses - premium or deluxe
  • 16mtr -  8 horses - premium or deluxe
  • 18 mtr - 9 horses - premium or deluxe
  • 20 mtr - 10 horses - premium or deluxe
  • Full installation of the walkers is available.
  • 24 month warranty on all parts and labour.

  • More than just a walking machine, the Magnum Horse Walker can be used for:
  • Fitness, 
  • Conditioning,
  • Strengthening,
  • Body building,
  • Toning,
  • Rehabilitation,
  • Pre training
  • The walker has become a necessary tool for every day training and is used by many leading trainers,an example being Cambridge Stud, Stephen McKee, Bjorn Baker, Chris Waller, Kevin Gray, Peter &Dawn Williams, Singapore Racing Club, Royal Cavalry of Oman.

We are starting to see an increase with walkers being used in the equestrian and show jumping world by the likes of Sir Mark Todd and Carl Hester (England).

Pre trainers and agistment farms are also seeing the benefits of walking horses and the walkers are being used by leaders in the field amongst which are Lyndhurst Farms, Muskoka Farms and Breckon Farm.

The unique design of the monorail system enables us to construct a purpose built roofing system significantly reducing the cost of roofing your machine, spouting can be added if required, we offer a shade cloth roofing system ideal for the Middle Eastern market..

The Monorail system was designed so that the walker runs in a continuous stable motion with each and every gate individually attached to the monorail ensuring the upmost safety of the horse. It also allows for the roof to be installed as part of the structure which significantly reduces to the cost of the roof versus a cantilever design.

The walkers are fitted with large and small nylon wheels which ensure smooth running of the machine


Internal and external gates allow easy access to the centre of the walker Backing gates can be electrified.

  • A lunging ring is available for the 20 and 25 meter walkers, fully utilising the centre space, it comes with a complete set of internal panels.
  • Sizes:
  • 18mtr - 12 mtr lunging ring
  • 20mtr - 14 mtr lunging ring
  • 25mtr - 19 mtr lunging ring

The mesh and rubber frame allows for greater visibility for both horse and operator when in use increasing your horse safety, it also allows increased air flow around the horses legs.

The generous bay sizes allow horsed to trot or canter on the larger machines and move freely in the space, bay sizes are 2.1 meters wide x 4 to 4.7 meters long. This allows the horse to turn around in the bay when changing direction.

  • The walkers are fitted with a control box with 9 variable speed options allowing them to go from 5-25kms, speed level 4-6 are the most commonly used settings.
  • 12 mtr - 6 horse - 1 x 1.5 kW motor
  • 16 mtr - 8 horse - 2 x 1.1 kW motors
  • 18 mtr - 9 horse - 2 x 1.1 kW motors
  • 20 mtr - 10 horse - 2 x 1.1 kW motors
  • 25 mtr - 12 - 15 horses - 2 x 1.1 kW motors

The walker requires 240 volts of single phase power, three phase option is also available, and the control box is fitted with an inverter which inverts your single phase to three phase. It is recommended all walkers be fitted with a surge protector system at the installation stage, this is done by a registered electrician.

All walkers are fitted with a remote control enabling the operator to start and stop as necessary, ideal for loading and unloading horses.

There are two options for the base of the walker, one being concrete curbing with sand infill, the second being a full concrete base overlaid with rubber matting.


An entranceway can be added to the outside of the walker frame adding extra weather protection for both horse and staff.

Full installation of the walkers is available, we supply foundation plans for the concrete base work and electrical wiring plans


Size Options

  1. 12 meter - 6 horse - 1 x 1.5 kW motor
  2. 16 meter - 8 horse - 2 x 1.1 kW motors
  3. 18 meter - 9 horse - 2 x 1.1 kW motors
  4. 20 meter - 10 horse - 2 x 1.1 kW motors
  5. 25 meter - 12 - 15 horses - 2 x 1.1 kW motors
All walkers carry a 24 month warranty on all parts and labour

Can you trot or canter the horses on a Horse Walker?

Yes to both on a 20 or 25 meter walker, trot only on a 16 meter walker and walking only on a 12 meter walker

What size is the lunging ring?

14 Meters for a 20 Horse Walker and 19 meters for a 25 meter Horse Walker

What power supply do I need for a Horse Walker?

Single Phase to control box - Inside the control box is invertor technology to enable the motor to run on three phase power. It is advised that your Horse Walker is fitted with Surge Protection.

Regular maintenance of the walker should be undertaken to ensure your walker is in good working order, this involves checking all wheels for any noise and checking all ring nuts and bolts and tightening any that require it